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“After Brain Integration, our older daughter is a lot happier, more confident, relaxed, talkative, and she is now more interested in sharing her thoughts. In our younger daughter we see improved reading skills. She seems to have a better capacity to retain academic material (math) and she works more independently. I myself feel a lot more joyful, calm and centered. Nervousness and fear are gone.”
– From a family whose members each had Brain Integration

“Before I went through brain integration with Elizabeth Eyerer, I had significant difficulty dealing with stress in my relationship with my youngest child. In the past, any sort of controversy between the two of us would cause me to react with very strong emotion–tears, difficulty carrying on conversations, overwhelming sadness. After Elizabeth Eyerer integrated my brain, I found I was able to remain more present to my son in conversation because I no longer dissolved into tears and let my sadness overcome me. I could listen and think much more clearly than I’d ever been able to before. Overall, I’d say that my brain integration created in me a sense of clarity which helps me to relate to my son in a much more confident and less emotional manner.” – Judy W.