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After Brain Integration, our older daughter is a lot happier, more confident, relaxed, talkative, and she is now more interested in sharing her thoughts. In our younger daughter we see improved reading skills. She seems to have a better capacity to retain academic material (math) and she works more independently. I myself feel a lot more joyful, calm and centered. Nervousness and fear are gone.
– From a family whose members each had Brain Integration

Before I went through brain integration with Elizabeth Eyerer, I had significant difficulty dealing with stress in my relationship with my youngest child. In the past, any sort of controversy between the two of us would cause me to react with very strong emotion–tears, difficulty carrying on conversations, overwhelming sadness. After Elizabeth Eyerer integrated my brain, I found I was able to remain more present to my son in conversation because I no longer dissolved into tears and let my sadness overcome me. I could listen and think much more clearly than I’d ever been able to before. Overall, I’d say that my brain integration created in me a sense of clarity which helps me to relate to my son in a much more confident and less emotional manner.
– JW.

Elizabeth’s wisdom, compassion, patience, and nonjudgmental acceptance have helped her help me push through mental blocks and emotional and medical trauma. She always challenges me just enough. There were and are many benefits working with Boston Brain Integration, I did not expect to have more mental clarity and bandwidth help handle stressful situations. When Elizabeth finished connecting the different areas of my brain like helping my eyes track more smoothly or my ears hear, listen, AND understand the meaning behind the words people say I continued to work with her to unravel the deeper connections of my brain during childhood. I was surprised how my brain made so many untrue and unhealthy connections just to protect myself! I now understand and keep learning about how my early experiences impact how I see and value myself and view and interact with family, friends, and even people at the supermarket!

Working with Elizabeth is powerful. She has an incredible gift to be able to draw out what is not serving someone and rebuild. Every week she gave me a moment of learning and realization to support our son as he began to integrate. She explains things so well and so thoughtful. She deeply cares about her work and her patients. When I learned about brain integration and found Boston Brain Integration with Elizabeth I wasn’t sure what to expect. Our son had checked many boxes of who benefits from this work. Our goal was to allow our son to understand what was happening in his brain and body and become who he was meant to be. We wanted him to feel his feelings, connect why he was understandingly behaving the way he was and create new pathways to being healthy and confident at school and at home. For example, he is no longer explosive and can share what he is feeling in his body if he can’t name it. He also had such resistance to writing and no longer is an issue. He is calmer and open and has a sense of safety and peace.
— V.K.

Not only did I find Elizabeth from a friend’s recommendation on a long walk when I was feeling deeply lost and stuck, but I have shared her as a resource to others already. For thinkers and doers and lovers of life, the practices Elizabeth shares will most likely be found deeply valuable and life transforming. I hold infinite gratitude for her and her work. Elizabeth’s energy, teaching and guidance through both conversation and body work is transformational for me. The ease she listens with, the communication she shares and the results she guides builds a belief in myself that I am capable and worthy of the decisions lying ahead. Her ability to teach not only about my brain but also the workings of the brain has impacted me deeply- I find the extended sessions she guides meaningful with each building on the work of the last while taking in whatever I am carrying that day. Super important to me. After years of psychoanalysis, my 5 months with Elizabeth so far have felt more valuable than nearly two decades of weekly therapy. I believe because of the actions and understandings she guides. I feel much less stuck and more able to maneuver life after a session with Elizabeth.